Dating requirements

(And the answer is, yes, they still should.)[1] Example: Tom Cruise is officially 1.7m (which could be inflated, celebrities often pad by a little bit) which is 5'6.9".That is lower than many women's stated requirements, but those requirements are not actual requirements and I doubt he had any trouble dating women he literally didn't meet the requirements of at the time.By don't actually care, I mean that when they meet those men in different settings they don't care about height, when very short men decline to mention their height or match with women despite not meeting stated "requirements" it isn't an issue, and indeed some men lie outright about their heigth but women get over it and enter happy relationsihps with them once they actually meet.

Section 219(c) of the DGCL currently provides that the stock ledger is the only evidence for determining which stockholders of a corporation are entitled to vote and which stockholders are entitled to examine the list of stockholders entitled to vote at a meeting of the stockholders. ” rather than only by the corporation itself as Section 224 currently contemplates.Generally, by adopting this automated “blockchain” technology, corporations will be able to streamline the process through which they track and record the transfer of stock by eliminating delays between intermediaries involved with corporate transactions and manual error that may occur in such transactions. .” This language is consistent with the concept of a decentralized electronic database because such records could be “administered . With respect to the stock ledger, the Proposed DGCL Amendments specify that electronic networks may be used to (i) prepare the list of stockholders required by Section 219 with respect to meetings of stockholders and Section 220 with respect to the inspection of the corporation’s books and records and (ii) record transfers of stock governed by Article 8 of the Uniform Commercial Code of Delaware.The Proposed DGCL Amendments amend Sections 254, 263, and 264, each of which deals with mergers or consolidations of domestic corporations and joint-stock or other associations, mergers or consolidations of domestic corporations, and partnerships and mergers or consolidations of domestic corporations and limited liability companies, to allow for mergers of Delaware corporations with joint-stock or other associations, limited liability companies, as well as partnerships formed or organized under the laws of a jurisdiction outside the United States.The Proposed DGCL Amendments add new language to Section 203 of the DGCL, Delaware’s business combination statute, addressing the effectiveness of opt-out provisions.It does not occur to them that the person they have met does not meet their stated requirements.

Here is another case of someoen with an impossible laundry list of requirements: https://By contrast, Section 228 currently provides that “[n]o written consent shall be effective to take the corporate action referred to therein unless, in the manner required by this section to the corporation,” written consents executed by the requisite number of stockholders required to take such corporate action are delivered to the corporation.[2] Calculating the 60-day period under the statute based upon the first day on which a written (or electronic) consent is delivered to the corporation, rather than according to the earliest dated written (or electronic) consent, is consistent with the elimination of the individual dating requirement contemplated by the Proposed DGCL Amendments.Specifically, Section 203(b) of the DGCL will be amended to provide that, in the case of a corporation that has never had a class of voting stock listed on a national securities exchange or stock held of record by more than 2,000 holders and has not elected through its original certificate incorporation or any amendment thereto to be governed by Section 203, an amendment to a corporation’s certificate of incorporation opting out of the restrictions under Section 203 becomes effective upon filing with the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware under Section 103 of the DGCL.In the case of all other corporations not meeting the foregoing criteria, such amendments will be effective 12 months after the effective date of such amendment.The Proposed DGCL Amendments would remove the requirement under Section 228 that stockholders who act by written (or electronic) consent must also individually date their signature.