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Aside from adding a bio, the only other information you get to choose from is whether your friend is into men, women, or both, along with your relationship to the person and how long you’ve known them.

Findings indicate that factors most likely to affect vulnerability to online dating fraud victimization are: interest in online dating, interest in international dating, and years of computer use.

Contrary to expectations, none of the demographic factors and none of the variables measuring level of awareness about online scams were statistically significant.

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Having been friends for over two years now, we’re both very well aware of one another’s dating history.

But now that we live together, there’s no avoiding either hearing about or even meeting the guys we’re each dating. they were unable to come out on the single circuit with me, yet they were always very interested in my dating life and wanted to support my journey” Wilson told Digital Trends, “When I finally got online, they were my champions — sitting alongside me helping me write my profile, choosing who I should go out with.

Essentially, she expressed that she wanted “to keep it really simple [and] to create a platform that enables us to introduce our friends to great people, and have some fun along the way.” Simplifying the process made the setup far more enjoyable — since we signed up through Facebook we didn’t have to upload additional photos. The experience was definitely an interesting one — after all, her fate basically lies in my hands.

I found myself having to thoroughly think through each and every swipe knowing that I now had her trust to pick a good one. since January, there weren’t too many guys to swipe through.

Of course she wanted to approve of it, so when I felt confident in what I wrote, I handed over my phone.

She was excited about it and I’m almost positive I heard the words “this is spot on.” To add to the bio, you’re provided with a short questionnaire of about three questions where you can choose between what your friend likes most.

With ], there were so many options, so many things you could do.