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They will ask you about family, children, or relationships.

Make sure you know what you will say ahead of time.

In a kingdom where “face” means everything, you’ll lose a tremendous amount of it at work, not to mention discrete harassment.

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Even if nothing on your social media profiles allude to your lifestyle, just don’t add anyone unless you are absolutely sure it is safe to do so.

Even others who share the same lifestyle can get you in trouble–and it does happen when jealousy comes into play. They cannot be seen with women that are not their wives, they cannot date, they cannot have sex before marriage. So just as a vast population still does it, so does a big population of gay people co-exist and discreetly live their lifestyle.

Unfortunately, it is what it is, and this is the price you will have to pay for working there.

Odds are you’ll never have any issues, but just don’t shed light on a specific situation at work. Whether it be in your workplace or outside, never be confrontational with anyone.

From their early schooling and on, children are constantly exposed to the same sex.

The advantage for gay couples is that all the rules geared at segregating sexes don’t apply, since the same sex can intermingle in gyms, restaurants, and coffee shops, making it that much easier to meet others who share the same lifestyle.The decision to remain quiet could be the defining line between you keeping your job or getting deported.Being gay in Saudi Arabia means you should come prepared with any answers people may ask.You’ll often hear about gay parties being thrown there; the underground gay scene in this vibrant coastal city is quite prevalent.You will be discriminated on at work if you ever reveal that you are gay; you will most certainly get yourself fired.If they say something insulting (this rarely happens), take it in stride and be kind. It is just not worth losing a job over someone else’s suspicions.