Dating scam investigators online dating from russia and america

In other cases investigations revealed sophisticated online dating scams involve multiple subjects including professional psychologist and professionals who know and understand human behavior, we call them master manipulators.

It began innocently enough with a great deal of innocent communication including flowers and multiple texts over time.He represented that he was from the United Kingdom and worked on an oil rig.Mid age men and women are not exempt; Since they can be a lucrative target. Online thieves and scammers have figure out how to entice the victims to make the first contact; After realizing phishing emails don’t work anymore.Trial, error and consistency are the equation for perfection.You and I know never to pay the blackmail; Because it will never end.

You can play a game and send 1 bitcoin with a message to trap the scammer.The online dating scammers are very low to an unbelievable level; And they become your stalker. online dating scammers will use a mistress to blackmail you and shake you down for some $$$; Since they’ve most likely recorded your conversations. The online dating scammers who has evolved and developed into a stalker, will be emailing and mailing phishing letters, including phone calls with threats of blackmail, because there are no secrets that they don’t know about you.I would need to ask him more questions in order to determine the source.The victim discusses with the scammer all of their life sensitive information and sentimental values.It’s amazing how a criminal can use that information that is the divulged with pleasure from the victim to take full advantage and control.This team guides and directs the scammer in order to perfect and hustle the victim until they run out of money.