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However since moving to Scotland and going on I have learned that ‘average body type’ is commonly held to be around a dress size 14/16.

" Intelligent men will realize that you are not as concerned with finding a quality guy as you are with looking for a fat wallet.(4) You don't have to speak perfectly, but the teen lingo and texting abbreviations are a real turn-off. It provides insight as to why he opted to break off your relationship or file for divorce. I had a hunch my male readers would react to "Surfing's" observations.Descriptions can be subjective, and your perception might be different from mine. Every woman says she's down-to-earth, decent-looking, caring and smart. Photos with the ex that you've ripped down the middle or cropped don't work any better.-- DONE MY TIME ONLINE DEAR ABBY: Selfies in the bathroom mirror are tacky. Avoid taking photos of specific body parts (lips, feet, etc.). We can still see his arm around you holding the 40-ounce beer, and it's not a good image for us.We guys like our fixer-uppers to be houses or cars, not our women.

-- FOUND MY QUEEN ON A SITE DEAR ABBY: I was taken aback by "Surfing's" advice against facial hair. Assuming it is "hiding something" signals you may have trust issues with men. -- HAPPILY HIRSUTE IN MISSISSIPPI For an excellent guide to becoming a better conversationalist and a more sociable person, order "How to Be Popular." Send your name and mailing address, plus check or money order for (U.

If you're comfortable in your skin and want to find the perfect partner who appreciates you for who you are, then sign up with Fat Bastard Dating today and see who's waiting to talk, date and make you feel loved.

The fatter you are, the better as far as the members on this site are concerned.

If you are obese, admit it and say you are working on getting the weight off -- and make sure you are.

-- EARLE IN TEXAS DEAR ABBY: For women who post photos of their pets, it's great that you love them, but I'm only looking to date their owner.

I wish you all success in your search but would suggest that you lower your standards somewhat.” He was called a creep by women—and much worse, like an “actual piece of s***.” Ash has since been removed from the website.