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Shawnel, meaning ‘God is gracious’, is rare, unique, and tremendously hot. Tanner is yet another occupational name on our list! This Latin clan name, meaning ‘smooth’, is a hot name for guys a hot dude.

Theo, meaning ‘divine gift’, has a perfect combination of classy and sexy. But it runs the risk of ridicule because of its similarity with toad. Tristan is a fiery Celtic name, meaning ‘noise or sorrowful’. Xander is a diminutive of Alexander and means ‘defending men’.

Marcelo has its namesake in Marcello Mastroianni, the hot Italian film actor who was a notorious heartbreaker in his days. Reed, meaning ‘red haired’, is a hot, yet distinctive name.

This Greek moniker, meaning ‘king’, isn’t even on the radar in the US. A moniker with a sexy ring to it, Bates means ‘son of Bate’. This name sounds as charming and sexy as the car it is named after. This is a fitting name for those who have fire and passion in their hearts. Brad has its namesake in Brad Pitt, one of the sexiest men alive. A name we’re totally swooning over, Brodie means ‘little ridge’. Carlisle, meaning ‘from the protected tower’, sounds sensual and debonair. Fidel means ‘faithful’, and nothing can be sexier than being faithful to your partner. A hot moniker, which brings to mind to the villain from “The Dark Knight”, Bain means ‘white or fair’. The ‘o’ in this name makes it sound ten times cooler than the original name Brian. A Nordic name for a strong, intelligent, and sexy man, Broderick stands for ‘brother’. Callan is a strong and mighty name, translating to ‘battle or rock’.Rhett, meaning ‘advice’, has been soaring up this list. A diminutive which sounds hotter than the original, Rob means ‘bright fame’.While the name is sexy in itself, the nickname Rod makes it sound and look even sexier. Could there be anything sexier than the name of the most iconic romantic hero of all time? This sexy sounding name is derived from an Old Norse word, meaning ‘deer forest’.Rowan, meaning ‘little red one’ has a strong and confident feel to it.

A name that isn’t inherently sexy, but can be made if the bearer is confident enough. Seymour is a tantalizing English name, meaning ‘marshy land near the sea’. Sven, meaning ‘youth’, has a mix of swagger and strength’.Maybe suggest cooking a meal together or going ice skating. But Swedes are huge fans of the awkward hug, where you lean in and wrap your arms around each other and then separate again.Dinner and movie won't come until much later - but even then, call it dinner and a movie, not 'date'. Start and end with a hug Many cultures greet with a kiss of some manner, perhaps a kiss on the cheek. Each fika 'date' and activity should start and end with a hug. Be prepared to pay Those cups of coffee and cinnamon buns sure to add up, we know. But hey, at least you only have to pay for your own! And guys, feel free to be gentlemanly and offer to pay for the girl - but if she says ' No thanks', she really means it. To Swedes there is absolutely no reason why one person should pay more than the other - so always be prepared to split the bill. It's always exclusive Okay, this may seem odd since Swedes don't really 'date', they only meet up for fika and activities. But sometimes, it’s not about the meaning, but the impression it creates on the listeners. A moniker for guys who can go to any lengths to achieve what they want – Archer means ‘bowman’. This Scottish name, related to River Clyde, is a perfect combination of hot and cool. A fierce, but sensuous name, Conan means ‘little wolf’. This sexy French place name keeps popping now and then in the US. A name that conjures hot vampires in mind as it is associated with characters in both “Twilight” and “Vampire Academy” series. A cool Greek name that is highly popular with American parents, Dion means ‘child of heaven and earth’. Drake means ‘dragon’ and there’s nothing sexier than dragons in this “Game of Thrones” era. Ellis, meaning ‘benevolent’, is both simple and strong at the same time. A name with several pop culture references, Fritz means ‘peaceful ruler’. So how about going for Galan, which means ‘tranquil’. Parents who are into mythology would love this name. This name is as magnificent as the bird it is derived from. It’s the name of Zeus’ son, a warrior among both humans and Gods. Hugo sounds cute on a little boy and steamy on an adult. This name sounds so macho that we couldn’t help including it in our list. Jace is the smart diminutive of Jason and means ‘the Lord is salvation’.A research conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that names make over 6% difference in terms of appeal and attractiveness to the opposite sex. The meaning ‘defender or helper of mankind’ makes Alessandro very macho and manly. Alexander, meaning ‘defender of men’, suits strong boys. A rare moniker, which can work as a substitute for Austin and Alan, Anson means ‘son of Anne. A perfect example of short, sweet, but sexy names, Ares is an uncommon name meaning ‘ruin’. There are several ways to spell Connor, but this one’s the sexiest of the lot. Corbin is a sophisticated and sexy Latin name, meaning ‘crow’. Meaning ‘leader’, Daxon would make a great statesman of anyone who wears this name. There’s something about this ancient name that draws parents towards it even today. Donny can be a sexy guy name if you shorten it to Don. This is one of the most unusual names we’ve come across. This upper-class British name has started getting a bit sexier. A name that’s linked with a sexy vampire, Edward means ‘wealthy guardian’. A rare Biblical name that has managed to make a mark in the US, Elon means ‘oak tree’. This Viking name brings to mind a tall and well-built man wrapped around in fur. If Gabriel sounds a bit old fashioned to you, you can go for its hotter short form, Gabe. This smart, one syllable name was first heard in Stephen King’s “Pet Sematary”. Galileo, is associated with the brilliant Italian physicist. Gareth sounds unusual, and that makes it even sexier. Garrett, meaning ‘brave’, has an artistic kind of sexy appeal to itself. This Italian version of John sounds cool, fresh, and sexy. Grayson, meaning ‘son of the bailiff’, is at its highest point ever. Huston is a sexy and hot guy last name, which is now common as a first name. The ‘x’ in the middle makes it terribly cool and sexy. There’s something about Ian that makes it so compelling and attractive. We’ve loved this name ever since we heard it on “The Princess Bride”. Another fine name from Scottish roots, Irvin means ‘descendant of Eireamhón’. If you’ve seen Jared Leto, you wouldn’t ask us why we’ve included this name in our list. Jarrett is the Irish version of Gerard and means ‘spear strength’. Footballer Brett Favre and cricketer Brett Lee have kept muscle in this moniker all these years. A name that isn’t really sexy, but is borne by a lot of sexy guys – Brian means ‘noble’.