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When you are out hanging with your boys and the lady across the room likes you, your eyes will lock more than once.

If she is in the company of a guy she will be apt to hold him tighter while checking to see your reaction; see whether you are getting jealous.4) Enjoys your company.

I’ve been getting mixed signals from a guy I work with. I could go on and on with a list, but what I’ve given you above captures the best, surefire signs he’s into you. With that said, I don’t think a list of signs is the best information I could give you… QUIZ: Are You Accidentally Destroying Your Love Life? I’ve studied psychology as my most devoted passion for the past 14.5 years… He flirts with me, but I can’t tell if he’s just charming in general or if it’s because he’s attracted to me and interested… As she rides the emotional roller coaster of good signs and bad signs, she becomes increasingly dependent on the guy acting a certain way or it will ruin her mood. One of the biggest reasons that I loathe having conversations with women about the signs a guy is sending is because usually people (men and women) see what they want to see and project their own meanings and interpretations onto things.To minimize the chances of getting rejected, there is need to check for telltale signs and find out whether the attraction is mutual.The following are 9 signs a lady really likes you.1) Time Factor Does she go out of her way to create time for you despite having a tight schedule?It always amazes me when I hear women talking about signs and signals a man is sending them, as if they’re trying to decipher the Da Vinci Code.

ere’s the hands-down most frequent question that I get from newbies here at the Seduction Initiatives Baltimore Group – “Matthew, how do I know if a girl likes me?

If she douses herself with you cologne, leaves a toothbrush at your place or has your shirt which she sleeps in every night then you have a chance with her.

If she is always by your side when you are sick, depressed or in trouble, look no further; she is unquestionably meant for you. If you find someone who makes you happy do not let your fears stop you from taking a leap of faith and ride this roller coaster we call love.

She may also let you know of her upcoming birthday or remind you of Valentine’s Day and teasingly ask what gift you are planning to get her.

Times have changed, now the modern woman will promptly declare her interest in you and find out whether the feeling is mutual.8) Try make you a better man If a lady feels you are an eligible mate, she will try to talk you out of your destructive habits, complain about your untidy room and talk you into taking your studies seriously.

Nothing scares men like being rejected by a lady they are very attracted to.