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“What if they ask me out on a date, but they’re just trying to trick me? It had just arrived from Amazon mere days before, and I had been waiting for the perfect opportunity to tell Nigel about it. But of course, we autism parents do that all the time, especially when our kids .Its professional and committed teaching staff is devoted to the development of excellence of each student in the context of a safe and caring learning environment.The school prides itself on educating the whole person, with an emphasis on strong Catholic values of compassion, forgiveness and tolerance.” “I think that’s a bit early also.” “Well, I need to be prepared.” Then he sat down on a chair that’s across from my desk, and the topic changed to dating.He mentioned, quite wisely, that he needed to have a girlfriend before he could have a wife, and that there didn’t seem to be any girls at the high school who really understood him. I told him that one thing that will help is to be friends with a girl before dating.For instance, the night that I wrote “Polite Conversation,” about Nigel using lengthy delayed echolalia at the dinner table one evening, he came into my office – minutes before I posted it – and began what was undoubtedly the most incredible conversation I’ve ever had with him.