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Complications of fractures may be classified into three broad groups, depending upon their time of occurrence.

Steroids will also treat nerve damage caused by the injury and aid any weakness or paralysis.

Also simple pain killers such as Paracetamol may be prescribed for any pain.

In this way, the blood clot is replaced by a matrix of collagen.

Collagen's rubbery consistency allows bone fragments to move only a small amount unless severe or persistent force is applied.

Fractures in children younger than 18 months occur before the usual walking age.

The prognosis is favourable across fracture types and circumstances of occurrence.

Injuries to the brain, blood vessels and nerves can also be treated with surgery.

Antibiotics may then be given after surgery in order to prevent any infection developing.

If not treated, eventually, compartment syndrome may require amputation of the affected limb.

Other complications may include non-union, where the fractured bone fails to heal or mal-union, where the fractured bone heals in a deformed manner.

Especially in sports where there is a possibility of falling, for example horse riding or rock climbing.