Dating spode christmas tree

Cincinnati In 1955, Spode was commissioned by the Society of Cincinnati to make 200 plates matching a Chinese porcelain service made for George Washington 1784/5.

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The Spode engraving included, as requested, every 'minor imperfection' of the handpainted original or rather every 'idiosyncratic brush stroke' of the 18th century original.This was all interpreted and engraved by the master engraver of the time Frank Boothby.Examples of pieces can be seen along with source prints on Spode Exhibition Online.The border designs were taken from 'Oriental Fields Sports' by Williamson and Howitt 1807 - click here for more.The Spode company expanded their range of New Stone (successor to Stone China and later still referred to as Fine Stone) to include tea and coffee ware modelled after the popular Chinese shapes. A large selection of antique Spode patterns were offered on Lowestoft shape as well as many patterns copied from the 18th century Chinese design which had been made specifically for the American market.

Cabbage pattern had been reintroduced on earthenware in 1910-1911 (pattern numbers 2/6207 and 2/6347) and was later brought into the Lowestoft New Stone range in 1934 as pattern Y3936.

This version was printed in blue and coloured in red, pink and green with white patches at the edge of a large leaf.

In 1937 another version with extra tracing in gold on the branches and the leaf patches was recorded as pattern number Y4879. The Morris shop was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright who chose a service of Cabbage for use in his own home.

Spode's Cabbage pattern was first introduced in about 1814 and was a copy of a Chinese porcelain design based on the so-called 'tobacco leaf' studies.

It had pattern number 2061 and was produced on Stone China which imitated the look and feel of Chinese Porcelain. In the late 1920s in the United States there was a growing interest in 'Oriental Lowestoft' - the name mistakenly given to China Trade Porcelain or Chinese Export Porcelain.

This version was printed in blue and coloured in a range of colours by hand.