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You might want to consider using some of these German terms of endearment for your sweetheart.

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The formal way to refer to one’s wife “妻子 (Qīzi)”, or husband “丈夫,”are reserved for much more formal occasions.

In that sense, “老婆” and “老公”aresimilar to the English slang “wifey” and “hubby.” These Chinese terms are very commonly used in daily language, and is the standard way that people refer to their spouse.

“心肝” literally means “heart and liver.” While that might sound a bit too bloody for Westerners, the term is used to recognize the most important person, without whom you cannot live without (just like how you can’t live without your heart or liver.

The English term “my heart and soul” might come close to the intense meaning of “心肝.” Overall, recognize that “心肝” is a very strong term of endearment, to be reserved only for those who are extremely precious to you.

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If your partner seems uncomfortable with the words you choose, you can always try something else.

Honey Honey is a common term of endearment for romantic partners.

You’re even thinking about spending the upcoming holidays together.