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This follows the Septuagint (LXX) reading of Exodus which says, "And the sojourning of the children of Israel, while they sojourned in the land of Egypt and the land of Canaan was four hundred and thirty years" (1970, 88; 1979, 109).

Whiston in his notes on Josephus is puzzled by the Masoretic text (MT) that leaves out "Canaan" when Masoretic chronology clearly shows that Israel only stayed half of the 430 years in Egypt (1830, 59).

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The last chapter will focus on the archaeological evidence that has been found that best fits into the chronology of the Exodus.The most important discovery is the Merneptah stele that mentions Israel which forced the revision of a number of liberal theories.Finally, the archaeological evidence will be considered that best fits with the chronology of the Exodus.This paper will demonstrate that the best explanation of the evidence is that the Jews were in Egypt at the time of the Hyksos.The name "Israel" seems to be a late word used to describe the league of 12 tribes that later became the nation of Israel.

Liberal scholars place Israel in Canaan around the 13th century BC while conservative scholars place Israel in Canaan at 1406 BC Both conclusions seem to be wrong according to archaeological evidence and ancient writers which will be demonstrated in these coming chapters.Their capital was Avaris which was later named Pi-Rameses.I Kings 6:1 states that the exodus was 480 years before the Temple of Solomon was built, yet Josephus clearly states 592 years in his book The Antiquity of the Jews.The expulsion of the Hyksos should be equated with the Exodus from Egypt in the Bible.One of the major stumbling blocks for the conservative is their understanding of the 480 years from the founding of the temple to the Exodus.Secondly, secular writers who tell about the origins of the Jews, and finally, a look at the chronologies of the early church fathers concerning the Exodus.