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so at arround 10am we're having a great chit-chat, she has to get off the phone because she is pulling into the gym.

Now on average, patrons entering any gym that are at the novice level only are there for about 2-3 hours at best.

As adamant as I usually am about these rules, every now and again, I experience a moment of weakness where I break them. Two months ago, I started chatting with a tall, Jewish, handsome, runner who also happened to be employed. Bad Jews, the both of us had goofed on the date and upon realizing our faux pas decided to reschedule. Finally, I said, enough is enough -- make a date or let's stop chatting. At this point, we were communicating fairly frequently. I told him I was casually dating a few people and he said "If we were to go out and click, I'd expect you to stop dating them -- I'm a one gal type of guy." Now, this isn't usually my style -- I wait for things to get serious before becoming exclusive, but I indulged him and said sure why not.

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I probed a bit asking what his deal was and he admitted that he'd been intentionally evasive because he was uncomfortable that I was dating other guys.

I'm definitely not one to indulge in jealousy, especially when I've never even met the person and I said cool, thanks for coming clean but no dice.

NEVER HAPPENED but given a promising phone call and told that it would be "made-up to me by the next morning"3rd TIME (and Honestly I was being more than flexible allowing the third curve ball to just land perfectly past me and leave egg on my face.)I received a call early in the morning.

7am to be exact because upon the 2nd date i was told she was going to the gym and she had time to talk on the phone.

So, i conveniently erased her number, sent her a text the following morning and let her know to kick rocks. OP:(not seeing your profile) if by any chance you're a scientist, I could understand your rechallenge and triple-blind studyin' ways.

If you're not, maybe you should consider it, bc you have just gotten absolute proof on the experiment.But - I would never arrange to meet someone with the full intention of cancelling just to teach them a lesson. A second disqualifies them completely, unless there is advance notice of cancellation and a specific time rescheduled. The one who's bailed three times is someone you shouldn't talk to anymore. Despite saying the day or a few hours before that they would be there. :)With luck we will all find a man who is true to his word.He's probably not doing it for his own entertainment, he's probably either a chicken about meeting girls off here, too disorganized to manage his own schedule, or dating too many people at once. So pick somewhere so if he does not show you can still have your coffee, or whatever and enjoy yourself. They must be out there somewhere Guy #1: The fact that you let it happen three times is your fault, not his.You know that old expression -- "Fool me once shame on you. Basically, it's saying that the first time someone screws you over, it's on them. We're creatures of habit and fall into the same patterns over and over again. In dating, it's often difficult not to engage in the same behaviors on repeat.I didnt hear a phone call, so at i text and get a response; "Oh im just entering this ab class" SHE MUST HAVE BEEN IN THERE TIL IT CLOSED BECAUSE I NEVER HEARD SO MUCH AS A PHONE CALL, OR GOT 1 TEXT For an update.