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And even if you’ve been with someone for a while, you may still feel under pressure and worry that you won’t be able to enjoy yourself fully because of your asthma.

"When I get asthma symptoms my partner won't be intimate until he's satisfied I'm settled.

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Simply saying you might need to use your reliever inhaler or you may need to change to a different position can really take the pressure off.

Even if you’ve been seeing your partner for a while, it’s good to talk frankly about how asthma sometimes affects you during sex if you’ve never mentioned it before.

If they are put off by it, remember this is more to do with them than you and most potential partners won’t be put off by your asthma.

In our survey, over 68 per cent of you told us asthma has directly got in the way of your sex life, and 46 per cent said you felt you’d be more confident sexually if you didn’t have asthma.

These three steps will help you to enjoy the moment and stop any worries spoiling your fun: Asthma may be the last thing you want to bring up in relation to sex.

But if you think symptoms might get in the way in bed, being open about this will help you to relax a lot more.

While it’s true that sex can sometimes trigger asthma symptoms, there’s a lot you can do to help prevent this happening and manage symptoms if you do start having them.

Our page about sex as a trigger has lots of tips to help you physically enjoy your sex life.

You may simply not think about bringing it up until you need to.

On the other hand, you may feel very worried about telling a new partner you have asthma, in case they are put off by it. Usually my date is aware because I may need to use my reliever inhaler at some point when I'm with them." - When you tell your new partner or someone you’re dating that you have asthma, just keep it simple and matter-of-fact.

Here, we’ll look at how to cope with any anxieties you might have.