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Despite her calm and reserved demeanor, she has a frighteningly darker side.Hachiman describes that she emits an evil aura when she is seriously angry and expressing her loathing about a certain individual.According to Hachiman she attracts airheads (Yui and Komachi) and almost all normal boys.

According to Hachiman she is peerless in skills and personality.On a more personal level, she hates to be pointed out to have a smaller chest than other female characters.She is seen as flat-chested compared to most of the other female characters, but remains just as beautiful.Yukino is mostly seen wearing her school uniform, which consists of a black blazer with a white shirt underneath it, a red ribbon tie, a plaid skirt and black stockings up to her knees.herself) to help the less fortunate, which Hachiman refers to as her twisted nobility.

She also has a very cold and unfriendly demeanor for which Hachiman nicknames her the "Ice Queen".She always tries to maintain an elegant and dignified appearance, which is strongly evident when she covered her laughter after Hachiman had presented his cultural festival slogan containing heavy criticism of the committee members for slacking off on their duties.She is a competitive person, willing to win any competition officially and unofficially to prove herself and refuses to lose.Yukino is almost always attracted to spots were Pan-san is displayed.Yukino is also fond of cats and anything cat-related.Yukino Yukinoshita is the student of Class-2J of Sobu High and also the President of the Service Club.