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Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. -^ Cambr Uge ; Pi-cm iru aubsctiiimily dotlarii J tlycttii . eleijuent and fervid, by tlie A.-4S(x-i;itiuii'a |)ri:t-idt'iit. ^\ itb this great enlnr^nient of reaovice, it a Gfiiis to liave beoil B Hi KH ijivesiioent of a ^mall portion of it to piin'Iia.«i: the estate on Clmiiiiey Strife! Creeds, opinions, form.i pass away, itat trutii oiii-e dis- covered standi untibongtid.You can search through the full text of this book on the web al |http : //books .google . , wbitb, alltr i Le gi^at fire of 1873 had onbaneed il N value, seiuri'd llie present Home on Tremont I'laet.', — -an im- fi TOvcnicnt on thu Trejisurer'a trunk of filly years ago, w Lieb only liin Ls, wc iruat, Uie improveiuen C nhieli, ere nkdny more ycara jioas. Tku leavos of last Eummtir have ^own brown and turned to dimt, but cbi; old trttea blos^niniiig to-day for anoihi-r auninner'd fruitage. tlie sky and diaappeareil, but tlie north star sliiiied steadily u of old to guide tbe marireur on tbe det^p.They wcro for ihe tiiiiu the provi Jentiul deferidtira ot" the Chri.stian chorch against Itself; and if tbe btidies tinder many raraea hji've widely cbanffed thuir grodji-l in oup time, — have changed not only their ground but ihdr baltlt-crieg, eo that the watchwords of a sjiiritu^il Chmtianity whii! li fifty years ago wera heard only from mouth to mouth of the little hand who gathered in tliese iiitrei^chiueiits, now ring alon^' the whole hne of Amer- ican I'rotcatant Chriatendom, — if l\\s is ao, I any, we are not l;;ft to idli^ boflstinf,' when we claim much of th our Iiitb«r's mcubory, the more we could find i Iib worne it would he fur ub, for wo abould only covor their graves with a heavier cairn. Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. Tiiuae eonftrc Dccs have at once e Aprespe J and Pw- leri'd a wstrmfr fclluws Uip niid s more earnest religiaua sji Jrit; and, n Lik liavin;: no orgi-n W-tid coiinc'Ctiun with tliia As.'todation, either Lo central it or to tw eotiirolled by it. Cooica ill YVistonsia ; and bave reu Gntly sent Rev. The same inlloi'iii'cs whieh i-reaiud the Asaouia- tion Eia TB bfcn -working in nianifuld waya.

Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. uf three bo a^ipotnted by tlm Cliuir Ld rt^eeivi^ astjort. liave ifl Teelivt'ly aidi^d in Btimulnliu^' tlm uii ESsionnry sjiirit aud dirc'Ctitig t Lti vrorli, It(-aide (be i DBpiration runii.'sbui J by our eoiiferences, severtil favoring iiilluente B combiinjil to jrive treab imjj L-lua to our rt- anurt'ea and our enterpme. Tlie old Ciilviniijni a^aiiiijt wbieii Chanoinorlii- aiclf^s and huiqiuou to new duties.

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So did our Uiiitamii lath(;rd, 'nken they drew the lines which fortified tliia penintiula for Chri S' tian freedom, atiind, not bufftusft they winti!

A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vai^y country to country.

Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. and L'uunt tb'U iiallots, am C tliitt (ha jiolls rcciiain op«n for yotirg uniil one o VIock. Eowaiid 9M; B witriiier I'dl-ow^hip of tlici cburcbti? — tbe luie of rejoidn;^ lliat sivejit llie Ittii'l at ilio I'losc of tbe war; l Uc inf Uttd utijidition of the nutio:iial ciirruniy, that niaile innney si^i^iii plenty, anil gave: to ihaeontribu- tioua a bigb [ireiniuu abu-ve tbeir gotil valui;; tim sud Jun enthusi- asm llint impelled many sncietims to ^tva on a Kealu tbey enuld Lnrdly continue year by year, mnny giving as if I'ur a permanvnt fund wlmsi- ariiiual iattre Bt slioidd curry ibe wurk. Multitudes nre groping lor I'gbt, ncedinn; not ike negations of critinism,' but tbe inspiration of A better faith. Tlie Lord cal U to-day as lo tlie Israelitea of old, " Go Corward !