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So remember to GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry) before you go to Rio.

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If a Brazilian women wants you, she will do her best to get what she wants.Taking care the man she has chosen is a skill she is very good at. A western man is not used to this, because most of the western women will not take care like this, because they not want to.Here you can read everything about dating a Brazilian wife, a Brazilian holiday girlfriend and about marriage with a Brazilian woman.Western men are often attracted to Brazilian women and also the opposite is a fact.Girls are beautiful as well, always dressed to the nines, refusing to leave the house without without high heels.

They take care of themselves, and expect the same from guys.

If you go places that charge cover, then you would expect to meet girls who are interested in meeting well-off guys.

However, if you go to street parties, and cheaper places, chances are the girls will be more down to earth.

All actions have to be discussed and you can never be sure if you are doing the right thing.

Most Brazilian women are very skilled in attracting men.

In Rio, Ipanema and Leblon have the most beautiful, but richer girls, while Lapa and Botafogo have more down to earth variety.