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To list all amps of minor wattage after the Valve era isn't going to happen, go buy the books. Our Aim with these try ALL the 40w-50w amps we can with ones pre 1972 with the cleaner sound can sound good up to 65w, later ones of over 45w can sound rough from too many transistors in the design.

To us, we found the book a little dull & skipped through a bit.

There are 4 pages of Amplifiers with Control Units & Power Amplifiers in the same section.

But Hifi & for " serious" use, as in one you'd actually want to use occasionally going into ones you could use daily as years progress is the idea.

We've looked through the listings & if we've missed anything out, we didn't rate it & in some years especially mid 1970s onward, whole brand ranges could be missed out.

One we had was a TV aerial type input, a shielded cable but very early.

Buy with care & don't expect it to be modern sounding.

This is our list year by year of ones that interest us in some way.

For Transistors 20w is usually the limit, unless notable, increasing to 40w as on the receivers.

They will be very old by now & 25w valves will sound nothing like their best or what you'd like perhaps.

They will be very musical, but bass light & treble rolled off.

Power ratings may say 10w in 1956 but beyond that no definition of 10w of peak, music, RMS, or into which ohms rating.