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Fed Ex International Broker Select shipments for which we fail to meet the delivery commitments described in section V above are eligible for our money-back guarantee subject to the terms and conditions of our money-back guarantee policy. Credits for transportation charges will be applied to the payer's account only, and refunds will be made payable to the payer only. The money-back guarantee will not apply to shipments scheduled for delivery on December 19-24 if the shipment was delivered within 90 minutes of the published delivery commitment time for the selected service and destination. Holidays in international locations will affect our transit times.

Contact International Customer Service for information on delivery commitments that may be affected due to the observance of these holidays.

Reach major cities in Europe by am typically in two business days. on the first business day the shipment is available for customs clearance in the destination country, and such notification constitutes timely delivery.This guarantee can be suspended or revoked at our sole discretion without prior notice to you. Where customs or other regulatory agency clearances are delayed due to errors or omissions in your documentation, our delivery commitment time is modified by adding one business day for each day (or portion thereof) that such clearances are delayed. If the actual shipment is released to the broker in-bond, our responsibility terminates at the time we relinquish custody of the shipment to the broker.shipments, you have the option of using your own broker for shipments to more than 120 countries, including the U. Fed Ex will tender your shipment to your broker and, at your request, resume the delivery to the final destination.For added flexibility, you may list an unlimited number of commodities per air waybill.Inaccessible Dangerous Goods (IDG) do not need to be loaded so they are accessible to the flight crew in-flight.

Available Services Depending upon the Dangerous Goods category, Fed Ex Express offers a number of shipping options.If there is a conflict between the Air Waybill and any such document then in effect, the transportation agreement, tariff, Service Guide, or Standard Conditions of Carriage will control, in that order of priority.No one is authorized to alter or modify the terms of our agreement."Shipment" means all packages which are tendered to and accepted by us on a single Air Waybill.Agreement to Terms By giving us your shipment, you agree, regardless of whether you sign the front of this Air Waybill, for yourself or as an agent for and on behalf of any other person having an interest in this shipment, to all terms on this NON-NEGOTIABLE Air Waybill, and as appropriate to all terms in any Fed Ex transportation agreement between you and Fed Ex covering this shipment, and in any applicable tariff, and in our current Service Guide or Standard Conditions of Carriage, copies of which are available upon request.We are not obligated to respond if your request is not received within the time limits stated above. A service failure will not be deemed to have occurred if a bill-to account number was provided at the time of shipment that was not in good credit standing and the package was held until alternative payment arrangements were secured. Only one refund or credit is permitted per package.