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We wonder if the makers of this video were chosen as Glass Explorers (exclusive testers of the glasses).

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Prepare conversation topics such as current events, things you are passionate about and fun stories about you.

This will help you overshare less and make you more interesting – now THAT is a dating win-win! You can always Ask Single Dating Diva a confidential dating question on

Someone has read/watched too much @Fifty Shades #trueromance #truelove #True Love Waits #onlinedatingsucks #Keep Being Kind #datingfail QF26za RV— YNot Try Online Dating (@Triedwebdating) February 27, 2017 Boston based stand-up comedian Kathleen De Marle revealed that one of her matches had swiped right, and even started a conversation - only to reveal that he "could never date her".

A bemused Kathleen joked that she was "feeling the love on dating apps".No one wants to take on a special project with problems, they want someone who is starting with a clean slate. Remember, be hard to forget by leaving something to the imagination.Disclose personal information slowly and make sure it’s reciprocal. Conversation should always be balanced and include active listening.He was totally embarrassed and apologized and said, well I guess the date didn't go that well huh? At least we know his taste in women hasn't changed! It reminds me of the Sex and the City episode where Samantha doesn't realize she had already hooked up with the guy previously until she gets him into bed! It could be the place you find 'the one'.