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There's not much you need to know here other than that a tourist was trying to make a pitstop in the bathroom of a Perth, Australia, national park when she was sexily thwarted by the above-pictured kangaroo. Oh, well I guess the other thing you should know is that this is all very funny because the sexy 'roo is posing like Burt Reynolds in his famous 1972 Actually, now that I think about it, you should also know you picked the perfect place for #sexy #kangaroo #content. In fact, this site might just become dedicated to alluring marsupials in the wake of this magical viral news.

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The vertebrate palaeontologist Sue Hand said the meat-eaters would have looked remarkably different from kangaroos around today.

"These things had slicing crests that could have crunched through bone and sliced off flesh," she said.

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Recent discoveries in the 50 sq km area have included a club taled turtle with cow-like horns and a large flightless prehistoric bird.

Kangaroo attacks fascinate Australia's tabloid press, which regularly reports confrontations between man and marsupial in minute detail.

Professor Michael Archer, another team member, described the remains of two kangaroo species, one with wolf-like fangs and another with long forearms that was unable to hop like a modern kangaroo.