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Maybe I’m too high maintenance, but I just couldn’t do it…

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I used to think it was a guy’s way of bookmarking me or testing me to see if I was interested.

But these types of interactions never go anywhere and I continue to wonder what motivates these men.

Some ignore my request for more photos or make a silly excuse why they can’t send any. Inevitably most of the matches that result don’t work.

Others send a bad selfie or an obviously old photo, which gives me enough info to know there is no attraction. A typical match might be a smoker who lives 300 miles away and is separated – hitting three of my deal-breakers.

#Wondering whether I’m too Picky See above encounter with Mr. #Wondering whether I’m not Picky Enough I could cite any of a number of conversations with men whom I clearly have little in common with other than we are both breathing.

#People in their 60s are having the best sex Send one of the men surveyed directly to me.

But lately guys seem to feel like they’re really “doing something” if they ask to meet you for coffee (mind you, most guys who have asked me to coffee don’t even coffee) augh!

When did coffee become every guys idea of a perfect date? I mean– get it, a coffee date is cheap and can end quickly if needed.

*How can catfishers and identity thieves be so stupid?

I can identify them with one eye closed…a professional photo of a very attractive man dressed to the 10s and an uncommonly spelled name, e.g., Micheal.

“I would love to meet you in person, are you free this Friday? We’d met online (pre Robert) and had been talking on the phone for about a week. ” “There’s a Starbucks in Times Square, lets meet there for coffee,” Tom said. “I’d love to meet you, but maybe we can do something else?