David tennant and karen gillan dating

In a world premiere the closing gala documentary, Nae Pasaran, tells the true story of Scots who "defied" Pinochet.Other events over the 12 days of the festival include Independence Day star Bill Pullman flying into Glasgow for the UK premiere of his new Western The Ballad of Lefty Brown and an in-person look back at his big screen career.

In total, the 14th annual festival will feature more than 330 separate events and screenings, showcasing over 180 films from 51 countries.

Six world premieres and seven European premieres feature in the line-up.

So I think it's not as huge a leap as it is the other way around. I wasn't doing any stunts or anything like that so it was more cerebral actually, like that's where the challenges really lay.

And it was just about accessing those really, really dark emotions really and trying to relate to them and connect with her in some way so that I could make it true to myself because I feel like that would show in the performance.

So I just feel like we're so exposed to it all the time that it's not totally foreign, whereas here you're not saturated with British accents all the time.

It's actually probably quite a novelty to hear one in a TV show or something.

And also it was just written well enough and also years have passed between the character portrayals anyway. I mean I can appreciate if something turns out well and it looks realistic, but I won't get that squeamish thing. I realized that my stomach had been really tense for ages. I would highly recommend that if you want to play a character that's at least like intimidating or something like that.

It was an extension of what she started, my character. I get it from other people doing things but not myself. And I was just like that was like a ride or something. And yeah, it made me feel scary for the first time in my life.

Actors Karen Gillan and David Tennant and director Lynne Ramsay are among the famous names set to attend this year's Glasgow Film Festival, it has been revealed.

Gillan, now a Hollywood star thanks to her roles in films such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Jumanji, will hit the red carpet for the world premiere of her directorial debut.

It's like James Gunn is putting his voice onto a Marvel film and is taking it in a whole new direction.