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The evening I arrived at Kunsan, a Friday night, I got into a late night game of 4-5-6.

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When she missed something important for a hair appointment, she got a new callsign... The ticket got tossed, but the nick name followed me forever. He had the flare CMDs set to dispense before taking off, as soon as the plane got in the air, the weight on wheels detector flipped, and the plane started dumping out flares all over the run way. Flew a f4 phantom with a real scorpion in my flight suit .itching all the way and back only to find out that i got the little bugger on a stop over mission in the desert.Like in your article as I gained respect I was then "MOOSE" I think as a reference to my size.I was a Crew Chief TDY to Vegas for red flag when myself and a few of our buddies to include a number of pilots, one of which happened to be the FS commander walked out into this open area of our hotel that had a couple of pools and hot tubs.I'm getting an ass chewing by the wing king himself and at some point he screams loud enough for all to hear, "Ain't you some kind of shit hot Sensei or something? Then someone said "Happy Gilmore" and right then she realized...

"That's it, that's why I recognize him." That pissed me off, and ever since then I've been stuck with "Shooter" as my callsign." at the top of their lungs when ever I entered the room. Obviously I deny these claims but I can't help that it's made me a little more self conscious about how I walk.Wild Weasel driver in the Gulf War, back when they were using F-4Gs for the WW mission. I actually like that one, before that when I was new they called me G-unit, because of my last name (Gunter) and their claims of me walking like a "gangster". In the days of Steve Austin and the Six Million Dollar Man, I visited a friend's house, flight engineer, on his 5 acres of wooded land.I made it through college on a scholarship for the martial arts team. It's 0300 and two of the guys decide it's a good idea to have a boxing match and they want me to referee.I taught martial arts in various styles both in the service and in the civilian world as well. I was tired and wanted to go home so I thought "How long can these two asshats last drunk as they are?Deploying to Australia, lost my INS on the tanker and was sent back (my place was taken by the airborn spare), in turn the HSI tumbled and I ended up following the coast line back.