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It is also known as a kinetic novel, since the storyline is static and there are no choices that affect the outcome.You begin in a hospital dying of a terminal illness with only a short time to live. Both characters work through the issue of death and its inevitability and the unfairness of their situations in different and surprisingly similar ways and bond in a way they would never have in any other situation. True Remembrance by Shiba Satomi, translated by insani This is another freeware kinetic novel translated into English by insani during an al|together conference.Like most visual novels, this comes with choices which turn it into something akin to a choose-your-own-adventure novel. The same Katawa Shoujo is Japanese, meaning, literally, Crippled Girls.

You step into the shoes of the main character and learn that you, he, has a heart arrhythmia and can no longer return to his old life.He may need constant medical attention and advice, so he is sent to a boarding school for those with disabilities.This is different from Narcissu in many ways, but similar in that there are no choices available and only a single story.It does contain much more complete backgrounds and character sprites, but no voice acting.The most useful of which is definitely their blog aggregator: Planet EVN. Surprisingly enough, it started off as a loose project on the /a/ board of the infamous anonymous image board community: 4chan.

The loose project grew into a company known as Four Leaf Studios and soon attempted to separate itself from its 4chan roots, for the sake of image.This game is first and foremost a romance story and contains explicit sexual content, which is common among the original Japanese visual novel and a factor in their lack of mainstream appeal.Fortunately, for those with fainter sensibilities, there is an option to disable adult content.One is takes into account the Japanese voice acting that was original provided and the other works with the unvoiced versions.The two translations end up reading quite differently at times, but both translators agree that the other is equally true to the original Japanese. You come away with a much clearer understanding of the story.There, he meets a varied cast of characters: his hall mate and crazed anti-feminist Kenji, the blind and elegant Lilly, the shy, burned Hanako, the head-strong, deaf-mute Shizune, the rambunctious legless track star Emi, and the scatter-brain, artist with no arms Rin.