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Diablo 3 rankings kernel 6 years ago the us armory xml currently does not allow to retrieve guild roster, this is why us guilds updating didn t work past 2 days diablo 3 armory not updating.To fix this problem, our parser will not retrive guild roster and use existing character list instead, which means there will be no records about changing guilds. Check the roster and if it s not correct, please submit a ticket for blizzard support.

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However, interestingly all my information is updated on wowprogress and Is this a bug or something, can someone help perhaps?Also, if you killed cho gall normal, then the armory erases info about ascendant council normal.R=[realm name]&n=[guild name]&c=168&rhtml=n replace [realm name] and [guild name] with your realm/guild names.To check achievement criteria, our parser scans urls

The half of the first page on 25 strict is wrongly ranked.

If you ve just killed, for instance, normal ascendant council 25-man and didn t get a kill credit - scan these urls and try to find 13 members with the same kill timestamp.

If you couldn t do it - this is the armory bug, please submit a ticket for blizzard support.

R=[realm name]&n=[guild name]&filters=criteria&achcategories=168 replace [realm name] and [guild name] with your realm/guild names.

Regarding 25-man boss kills on normal mode, our parser requires at least 13 members with the same achievement criterion time.

6 years ago while correct that the armory behaves erraticly at times, why do you delete and ignore all comments about wowprogress deliberately showing known wrong rankings. Instead of communicating such things, you just sweep it under the rug.