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The American footballer and NFL legend in the making has not shared the great news with his fans yet.But a source close to the couple has exclusively enlightened us with detailed information about Stanton’s supposed pregnancy.Are you associate girl, teen, single, adult, boys, dating etc., you have private messaging features.

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“He wants to have a kid before he is forced to retire from football due to future injuries.

He wants his kids to see him play as a quarter back before he quits his profession,” explained the insider.

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Football Player Drew Stanton, aged 31, might soon be having his first child with his beloved wife, Kristin Schrock.

The news has come as a pleasant surprise for all Arizona Cardinals fans, who had been waiting for the NFL quarterback to start a family of his own.He signed a major .2 million contract of three years with his present team, Arizona Cardinals in 2013.Stanton sustained a concussion after being hit by the Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller.If so, then we wish the athlete only retire when his own kids are young enough to play.He and his wife, who married each other in 2009 after dating for several years, are most probably over the moon right now. The kinesiologist is a firm believer in Jesus Christ.