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As both nodes have same number of hop count, mobility is considered. They are continuously moving from one point to another.

So by calculating mobility we can find the lifetime of node. With less mobile node there is less chances of breaking of route.

Videostreaming is very useful feature for low end devices such as mobile phones, tablet, palmtop computer etc.

Video-streaming faces the issues of throughput, jitter, delay, packet loss etc.

These video frames are transmitted over the Wireless network from source to the destination.

Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a wireless network is a decentralized type network which does not rely on pre-existing infrastructure such as routers in wired networks or access point in wireless network.

Due to mobile node it is very difficult to find route when we are considering increasing the quality of service parameter like throughput, jitter, packet delivery ratio etc.

In dynamic source routing, the route discovery is done by route discovery mechanism.

MMDSR (Multipath Multimedia Dynamic Source Routing) is a multipath routing protocol DSR-based if merged with a cross-layer framework can provide enhanced Qo S for multiple sources of video over IEEE 802.11e wireless networks.

Keywords: Cross-layer framework; Dynamic source routing; IEEE 802.11e; Multipath multimedia dynamic source routing; Quality of service Nowadays, multimedia services such as video streaming applications e.g.

Distribution of video signal is done by using Real Time Control Protocol/Real Time Protocol i.e., RTCP/RTP protocol Over UDP transport protocol.

Using MPEG coding video signal is encoded into set of frames.

Destination node D does not forward the RREQ because Node D is the intended target of the route discovery [2,3].