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Then on July 12, 2017, there was more breaking news in the case, this time concerning Michael Usry.

The rape charge against him was dropped but the murder charge and conviction stand.

On March 22, 2017 Tapp was released from prison without having to serve parole.

Both men said they knew nothing about the murder of Angie Dodge , both men had their DNA tested and both men did not match that of the killer, yet one man went to prison and the other man went home.

That was the story I pitched to "48 Hours" executive producer Susan Zirinsky.

One told me the type of workout supplements I should be taking, another searched public family trees for family connections.

There was even one that promised to create a diet tailor made for me based on my DNA.

Years later, in an attempt to crack the 20-year-old cold-case murder of Angie Dodge, police conducted a familial DNA search in that very database, and found an anonymous donor who appeared to be a very close match to the killer's DNA.

After obtaining a search warrant for to reveal his name, detectives learned it was a man named Michael Usry Sr.

I gave no thought to how my profile could be used by these companies or institutions down the road.

Then I heard that the New York City Police Department was trying to get permission to do something called a "familial DNA" search. Police hunting for a killer in a high-profile murder case wanted to use his DNA to search New York State's criminal database for a relative of his.

Some of these sites charge money, while others are simply willing to analyze your DNA profile in exchange for adding your profile to their database.