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It’s not that Scooter has done Justin wrong, but it seems that a really significant career growth usually comes with a massive shakeup.

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At some point he will have to ask himself if the person who was right for the career of a 12-year-old can guide the career of a 22-year-old.

I’m the founding member of the boy band New Kids on the Block, as well as a songwriter, actor, record producer, and film producer.

He picks up on the details and for some reason, celebrities are extremely relaxed and forthcoming when they are with him. Because everyone who goes on there is ready to dish.

So Howard asks why Mark (and his family) didn’t attend Donnie and Jenny’s wedding – was there a feud?

On the surface, cutting ties may seem like an opportunistic dick move, but at certain stages, loyalty can seriously hinder growth.

Do you still have the same social circle you did in grade 4? Justin had to let go of *NSYNC and B had to end Destiny's Child – and both were able to reunite for brief periods because their solo careers now overshadow their pedigree.

My brothers spent their early lives running from the cops, and I got in a lot less trouble than they did. They think it's because I was less of a risk taker. All the cops we work with on Blue Bloods say I would have made a great detective. On breaks, I edit Wahlburgers and Rock This Boat [a new reality series], and work on a script I'm developing.

The morning after a tour date in Las Vegas, I go to work on Blue Bloods at 6 a.m. Wahlburgers is about your brother Paul's restaurant, which you and your brother Mark invested in.

Mark has limited time to spend with his family, so why would he sacrifice time with his kids for a wedding?

Donnie has a grown up take on sibling relationships and is very mature about the whole thing.

I currently produce and star in Wahlburgers on A&E and star in Blue Bloods on CBS.