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Top Hat also offers pack horses for hiking or an intimate picnic.

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The Duluth Playhouse is another wonderful indoor date idea.Although the two of you can't talk during the play -- house rules -- don't feel uncomfortable with the silence.Kimberly Liby has been a content writer and editor since 2006, with articles in "944" magazine.She has written on a range of topics including cooking, health, current events, philosophy, psychology, career, education, writing and editing.Bond over the shared experience of exploring and learning about new things together at the Great Lakes Aquarium.

It's the only aquarium in the nation focused on freshwater exhibits and habitats, featuring animals and species found within the Great Lakes Basin.I'm a true beleiver in romance, and Passion to the fullest extent.Commodities: Grain Gavilon Grain LLC (formerly Peavey Company-Connors Point) has a long history in Duluth-Superior dating back to 1898, when the former Continental Grain Co. Today, the Superior facility can hold eight million bushels of grain. Unlike the movie theater, playhouses have intermission between acts, allowing you and your date to talk about the play and time to get to know each other.Playhouses are also the perfect excuse to dress-up from your typical casual attire.Adventure Zone of Canal Park provides a lot of fun date ideas all in one building: a multilevel laser tag arena, vertical rock climbing walls, batting cages, a massive arcade and a miniature golf section with scenic backdrops for an outdoor ambiance.