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The fact that not a single stadium has been licensed for Rugby 18 – not even Twickenham – doesn’t help with matchday presentation either, and the stock stadia aren’t even named, just called “Stadium 8” and so on.

The graphics are nothing to write home about, and while they’re not particularly bad, they’re certainly not up to the standard of games in other sport franchises either.

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” Though Eko Software has tried to give virtual rugby a breath of life – and in some ways, with a revamped control and camera system, it has – the lack of modes and dismal presentation leave a bad taste in the mouth.At full-price, Bigben is demanding an obscene amount of money for a game that feels years behind where it should be.I’m a firm believer that it’s important to put effort into your ‘under-outfit’ so that when you go for lunch or a meeting you won’t take off your coat to a clown suit. I know everyones grumpy because it’s 20 degrees out but that shouldn’t be an excuse to start wearing your pajamas under your Marc Jacobs coat, okay?Make sure to check out some affordable options via Express to master your process of layering for this tail-end of Winter.The aforementioned set-pieces are much more approachable to newcomers thanks to their visual nature, and the fact that offside players are marked with an X helps when trying to understand which players you can use and which you can’t. The commentary is absolutely dire: BT Sport’s Nick Mullins and former England lock Ben Kay lend their voices this time around, but the lines are so poorly stitched together that it sounds like Mullins recorded his lines in various different rooms.

This is the sport of passionate pundits like Brian Moore and Bill Mc Laren, yet Mullins and Kay have no memorable lines – just Mullins pointing out what’s going on and Kay either adding "That was good" or "That was close".Roosters Brewery Trip Sat 21st July Roosters Brewery are celebrating 25 years of brewing and on Saturday July 21st there is an open day between 12-5.Cleveland CAMRA is organising a bus trip to Roosters to help celebrate....While the change certainly isn’t revolutionary, Eko Software has evolved the franchise closer to where it needs to be, yet it still falls behind the level that games like Jonah Lomu Rugby reached 20 years ago.The most obvious change is that instead of a side-on camera view like in FIFA, the game’s perspective has shifted to be behind your team a la Madden, which feels much more natural in a sport that is as much about playing horizontally as it is about playing vertically.It has a casual dressy vibe so you can throw it on over a dress shirt or tee- your choice really.