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The outing comes just two weeks after singer Halsey announced on Instagram that she and G-Eazy had split.She wrote: "I normally keep this kind of thing private but provided our public nature I feel the need to inform my fans. "Thanks for respecting our privacy at this time." She also addressed the split during a concert in New Jersey on Sunday night.

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Mel B's ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte, hasn't moved on to 'Love & Hip Hop' star Nikki Baby -- even though they grabbed Xmas dinner together ... A source close to Nikki tell us she and Stephen's dinner at Mastro's on Christmas day was just a business meeting to discuss a shoe line he's developing with her. we're told they were simply following behind another group that had joined them inside.

It’s rumored that he and Halsey did drugs together, and in an interview in January when asked about referencing drugs in his music, G-Eazy replied, “Well, I think that’s a blurry line, it’s not black and white.

I think sometimes the line between recreation or just tapping in turns into leaning on or depending on or escaping from.

DEMI Lovato is thought to be 'dating' rapper G-Eazy after she was spotted leaving a nightclub with a mystery man on Saturday night.

While the man's face can't be seen in the pictures, it's thought to be the rapper.The singer has been public about her struggle with addiction, and her appearance at the nightclub was only the tip of the iceberg.According to reports, she is still drinking following her relapse and has apparently “gone off the rails.”There are rumors that she has cut off ties with her family and friends and fired her long-time manager.On one occasion, on July 12, two days before his alleged appearance with Lovato, G-Eazy was seen leaving the Warwick club with a car full of girls.“Halsey thinks the way G-Eazy is acting so soon after their breakup is gross and a complete slap in the face of what they had with each other.She wishes he would lay low and not try to show that he is such a playboy already.It’s not easy to split from someone you’ve dated for years, but even the most broken hearts can heal again.