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You thought that maybe they were just a little eccentric, but nope ... You still love them, but once you find out that someone's weird, there's no going back. My current girlfriend doesn't like any sort of condiments, dipping sauces, or cake icing.

That's no reason to break up, but there's also no going back to normal. If she's eating something like chicken fingers, she eats them dry. It's obviously not a problem; she can eat her food however she wants.

Sōichirō's younger brother and uncle of the Shimogamo brothers.

The story surrounds a family of tanuki, the Shimogamo family.

They have the ability to transform into anything they wish.

It's just a little awkward explaining that to my parents when we're over for dinner (though she really is a good sport).giphy3. The icing part works out really well for me because she'll eat the cake and then let me have the extra icing.

The point is, don't think you can prepare yourself for weird.giphy4.

The late father of the Shimogamo brothers and the former leader of all of tanuki in Kyoto called Nise-emon.

He was eaten by the Friday Fellows years before the story's beginning after falling into a trap set by Benten.

The Shimogamo family must balance between living carelessly, maintaining relationships among other tanuki families, and not getting put into a hot pot by the Friday Fellows. She is very protective of her children and does her best to make up for the loss of their father, to the point of usually dressing as a male when not working.

Whenever there is a lighting storm, she loses her ability to transform, due to severe astrapophobia.

They can change into normal members of human society or any animate/inanimate object.

The third son, Yasaburō, enjoys a bustling daily life.

He often visits Professor Akadama, a tengu and his teacher.