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He lives at Finnegan High and almost never wants to leave because leaf monkeys do not live there, who would steal his fancy hat.

Dang has a twin brother named Ding that he disliked because Ding married a duck named Shirley.

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He is teaching science class at Finnegan High School.

He wants to relive his life in high school because he graduated early and couldn't go to high school.

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PROPOSED New Forest sites earmarked for at least 10,500 homes are set to go out for further public consultation.

In the finale, he's no longer in Finnegan and begins work at a local university as a professor. He started out as a science teacher at Matreya Fedor [4] as Echo Zizzleswift. She is thoughtful, socially aware, a tad bit gullible, and secretly likes all things to do with science-fiction.

She is good friends and sometimes enemies with Adam, Ivy, Derby and Slab. Tickleschmootz who later mated with Slab's hamster Slab Jr.

The series is filmed in front of a live studio audience at Byrne Road, in Burnaby , British Columbia. On April 29, the series was renewed for a second season. Thunderbird Films will commence production of 26 new episodes in July, bringing the total number of episodes to The live-action series premiered on March 1 and has quickly become one of the network's top rated series.

Nelvana Enterprises is the international distribution agent for Mr.

In the finale, she swallowed some water from the Fountain of Youth, appearing young for a while. She delivers meals to seniors and can sometimes be helpful.

After it wore off, she began a relationship with Dang's mentor in Vietnam. She can be overtly dishonest, claiming during the school carnival that there was a "giant man-eating chicken" in her booth when in reality there was only a tall man eating from a bucket of chicken.

Three of the locations are in and around Ringwood, delivering at least 850 properties, while 820 homes are earmarked for three areas around Fordingbridge.