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I like praying there at the window when I look out on the green and at the sky.

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For decades REFA has also cooperated with Committees of Experts and Branches – at present, there are over 20 different committees in Germany.Being so close to practice enables REFA to respond to customer demands to the point and foreseeing - and to offer customer-oriented methods, training seminars and con-sulting services.The two core competences, further education and consulting, deal practically with all issues of the value added chain of a company.They cover all areas of business organisation for industry, administration and health management.Given that one-third of modern marriages start online, we investigate theoretically, using random graphs and matching theory, the effects of those previously absent ties in the diversity of modern societies.

We find that when a society benefits from previously absent ties, social integration occurs rapidly, even if the number of partners met online is small.

Liebe Eltern, mit der Online-Anmeldung können Sie ihr Kind (von der Geburt bis zum Schuleintritt) für eine Kinderbetreuungseinrichtung oder für die Tagespflege anmelden.

So funktioniert die Online-Anmeldung: Sollten Sie nicht die Möglichkeit haben, die online-Anmeldung zu nutzen, können Sie Ihr Kind direkt in den Einrichtungen anmelden.

The further education offer includes seminars and complete training programmes for skilled personnel and management staff.

REFA consulting is partially used to complement further education measures / coaching to ensure the practical application of the training seminar contents.

Since we were more connected to people similar to us, we were likely to marry someone from our own race.