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Ness Anita Pussy Anita Semen Anita Wackoff Anita Woodcock Anita Woody Anita Wyderbox Anna Bortion Annie Position Annie Rection Annya Lipschitz Anya Neeze Daisy May Blow Dang Lin-Wang Daryl B. Ness Ima Rapist Ima Reilly Cumming Iona Dick Iona Glasscock Iona P. Nisevny Pat Herboub Pat Hiscock Pat Maweini Pat Mc Cock Pat Mc Groin Pat Mc Hunt Pat York Hunt Pat Mc Rotch Pat Myaz Patrick Fitzgerald Penny Tration Pete O’File Peter Beter Peter Breath Peter Dragon Peter Fitzinwell Peter Gosinya Peter Insidya Peter Johnson Peter Usedenuf Phil A. Rottencrotch Phil Mc Avity Phil Mc Crackin Phil Mc Creviss Phil Mc Crotch Phil Mianus Phil Mycaulk Philis Ardon Phillip A.And now the Tinder experience is about to jump from our phones to our physical lives, thanks to the genius of AI technology.Greg Blatt, the CEO of Tinder’s parent company and one of the best online dating sites, Match, has announced exciting new features that he promises to ‘blur the lines between the physical and digital worlds for dating.’ After the success of Tinder Gold – which lets you pay to see who swiped right on you – the new features expected to hit Tinder in early 2018 include AI and geolocation functions allowing users to fully immerse themselves into the activities of the people they’ve already been matched with.He said, ‘Until now, Tinder has basically been a swiping machine – it’s effective and simple but ultimately limited.’ The introduction of Tinder’s AI-assisted dating function is being kept firmly under wraps but it has got everyone talking.Though the jury is still out as to whether wearing an AI headset on a virtual first date could be the key to finding true love or the biggest passion killer since halitosis.Research shows that there are 50 million active users on Tinder who check their accounts 11 times per day and spend an average of 90 minutes per day on the app.