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Error message in Adobe application Manager: The update server is not responding. The server might be offline temporarily, or the internet or firewall may be incorrect. One of the best remedy to this issue is to find out where the error originates to know what action to take.

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Lots of people, particularly those non techie individuals instantly panic upon knowing that their computer is not running smoothly.

But you need to keep in mind that these Rapidsvn Error While Updating Filelist is a common problem so you don’t need to worry much about it.

Device Manager|0|Device Manager Finished Work Task: "[PIN:0x11111111: Device Software Update]".901|DEBUG|38|Rim.

Device Manager|0|Work Scheduler [PIN:0x111111] - Processing complete Device Work Item - owner: "Device Software Manager Model", ID: 13, type: Data Transfer Operation, description: "Check for Updates" .901|DEBUG|46|Rim.

Re-installing the os would be a quick move to stabilize your pc.

This process is not capable of diagnosing the real nature of the issue though and it will set the computer to its default state, some users don’t want that to happen.

[1] [9est:0] [HTTPProgrammer] [0x000020ac] [HTTPProgrammer.cpp:729] Error updating device software. Unable to connect to device, requesting user guidance.

Error: 23 [1] [9est:0] [Loader] [0x000020ac] [Loader.cpp:4834] Unable to connect to device; requesting user guidance [10] [9est:5] [Loader] [0x000020ac] [Loader.cpp:4190] Errors: [20] [9est:5] [Loader Rpc Server:: On Async Op Complete] [0x000020ac] [Loader Rpc Server.cpp:3406] Complete event: lop_writecfg [20] [9est:8] [Loader Rpc Server:: Update Device] [0x000023ec] [Loader Rpc Server.cpp:1887] Update websl upgrade status - PIN(), hardware(), vendor(0), apps( to ), platform( to, bundle(, radio(, code(4112), remote(1), retries(0), message(Error summary: overall result 4112 [errors encountered: 4112]. User response is cancel): result "" .507|DEBUG|88|Rim. Software Updates|0|[Device Software Manager Model]: Error: A fatal error has occurred while updating your device's software. reported .507|DEBUG|Device Work Manager Worker(Rim.

Unless your RAM is enough, you will have to purchase more RAM chips.

Your pagefile size can however be increased if your RAM can still do the work.

Fixing the issue yourself on the other hand is helpful as you’ll be learning something afterwards in terms of trouble-shooting.