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Encourage your teen to always talk to you if they are concerned about anything they have seen or been asked to do online.

Let them know that you can help them and they won’t be in trouble as it is important for them to confide in you if anything troubles them online.

Inform your teen of the importance of maintaining their privacy whilst in chat rooms.

Family Lives is here for you and you can contact us about any family issue, big or small.Family Lives would like to keep you up to date with details of news, events and fundraising activities using the contact details you have supplied.UF’s online Family Chat program is a great way to stay connected and informed!Join other UF family members and campus representatives for themed bi-monthly chat sessions.As a parent or carer it’s important to understand how your teen communicates with others online.

It can be difficult to know what technology is out there as new apps and functions pop up daily and young people seem to know how it works inside and out very quickly.

There have been numerous incidents of teens having their image captured and used maliciously.

Webcams can also be hacked into and turned on without your teen’s knowledge so it is important that they turn their webcams off properly, perhaps even by covering the lens when the webcam is not in use.

No matter how much you teen feels they know about someone, it is never advised that they meet up with anyone they talk to in a chat room in real life.

Even if the meetup is planned in a public place and with a group of people, this can still be risky.

It can be exciting and informative to communicate with different people online.