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The thing is, whilst it is possible to 'test' a persons capacity to handle a car, and it's a fair assumption those skills will likely improve over time with experience, the same can't be said for raising kids!

IDK what would be a 'fair' way to assess a person's parenting abilities, it's definitely not via their income though, that's for sure!

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Shouldn't we allow the real NATURAL SELECTION be a basis of the future genes?

Well, if we really wanted to jumpstart the human race into god-mode, the answer isn't natural selection; sure, that worked for awhile, but it's a solution that works at a snail's pace. Even now we have the technology that, with a few decades of careful honing, could be used to extend people's lives greatly. Maybe the top dogs are afraid that people will be created both physically fitter and smarter than them and would eventually overtake their thrones.

The problem is giving them attention/relationship despite the fat.

The reformed fat girls I know have both (there are only two) said they got fed up with being the 2am safe bet for a cavalcade of cocks.

If you ask me, it's just that men are thirsty and will adapt.

For instance, men in prison will start off never ever considering fucking a dude...The west tends to block this sort of research because we have this retarded idea that we're not "ready" for it yet - meanwhile, the Chinese are figuring out which genes control for intelligence and doing direct research on how to create human children that are guaranteed to be more intelligent than average. There would be an insane market for this genetic engineering, I am sure asking 500k$ for an inject is not too much for the super rich.I don't know about you, but it makes me livid to think that this sort of progress is being delayed strictly because of some fuckers in congress deciding it's not good. Frankly I don't give a shit if it's unfair. I want to see humans not dying ignoble deaths because cancer is rotting their fucking insides.There is basically not enough healthy-sized women to fill the rounds, and 97% of men want a healthy-sized female.When the obesity is closing in on half the population it is INEVITABLE that close to an equal portion of males are going to lose out on the dating game unless they resort to asian countries or they get desperate and..Just because we come equipped with a factory for making more of us doesn't change that.