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It shows she has some willpower, and has actually had some amount of struggle in her life; she might even have developed a personality!There's also the side effects of extreme weight loss.It is high obesity rates (undateable women) and average girls overvaluing their looks causing the dating problem in the USA.

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Women just sit around, sort through offers, and choose the highest bidder.Simply by being 'not fat' she can demand top shelf products.Shouldn't the consequences suggest the prudence of some sort of licensing system?Indeed, in fact I almost used that adage myself in that post!Almost all technology has been disproportionately available to the wealthy at first; this is due to scarcity of resources.

But at peak level technology, scarcity of resources stops existing. It's not a perfect process, but it's a process that I split time between Sydney and Melbourne at times, I've lived in Sydney for a decade but I am a Melbourne lad!

Shouldn't we allow the real NATURAL SELECTION be a basis of the future genes?

Well, if we really wanted to jumpstart the human race into god-mode, the answer isn't natural selection; sure, that worked for awhile, but it's a solution that works at a snail's pace. Even now we have the technology that, with a few decades of careful honing, could be used to extend people's lives greatly. Maybe the top dogs are afraid that people will be created both physically fitter and smarter than them and would eventually overtake their thrones.

The problem is giving them attention/relationship despite the fat.

The reformed fat girls I know have both (there are only two) said they got fed up with being the 2am safe bet for a cavalcade of cocks.

shivers As long as obesity stays, even if women became less promiscuous and more loyal, the competition would still be about being a HIGH SMV male when there's a huge portion of women that are undateable solely because of their uncontrollable consumption of mcdonalds.