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The failure follows years in which governments led by both Labour and Tories have promised to encourage adoption.Earlier this year Childrens Minister Tim Loughton said the apartheid-style race rules that have long prevented couples adopting a child of a different ethnic background would be swept away.

We are too slow to see that some parenting is not good enough, she said, adding that some mothers were allowed chance after chance.

Her criticisms were echoed by the Governments adoption adviser, Martin Narey.

'I was in a state of shock and didn't know what was going on.'Two riot vans and a total of 15 police officers then arrived at the address and Ms Podmore's partner was also detained by the police.

Ms Podmore continued: 'I couldn't believe what was happening - I felt like I was being treated like a criminal.'Neighbours had looked on as Ms Podmore and her partner were arrested, Mr Cotter was told, and the pair were then taken to separate police stations.

She spoke amid a chorus of disappointment from charity leaders, ministers and the Governments adoption czar over figures showing that the number of children escaping the care system to new adoptive families is in decline.

Although numbers in care, with regularly changing foster parents or in childrens homes, have shot up to 65,520, numbers adopted have fallen to 3,050, 5 per cent down in a year.**************************************************************************************** 30 September, 2011 Demonic British police A mother was arrested for murder after hospital misdiagnosed her son, 3, and sent him home to die.Is every parent who loses a child to be treated as a murderer?And in 1998 then council social services head Moira Gibb now a government adviser on social work training said society has decided it no longer wants to see babies farmed out to middle-class mothers.On Radio 4s Today Programme yesterday, Miss Carrie, chief executive of Barnardos, said: It is a tragedy for those children who have been languishing in the care system, and it is a tragedy for those people who have come forward who want to be parents and adopt a child.It was only when a doctor acting on behalf of the Birmingham Coroner informed police that Alfie had died from natural causes that her innocence was recognised.