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Play with the difference between suction with just the head of the penis in your mouth and doing so when you have the head and some of the shaft in your mouth.

It's possible to be overzealous which probably won't cause permanent damage but could lead to a painful couple of days later, so be sure to vary the pressure and check in if you're getting rough.

The practice of taking an entire penis in your mouth (actually that's not accurate as deep throating usually involves letting some of the penis pass into your throat) is a much-discussed technique.

As important as any technique, maintaining a connection with your partner during fellatio can turn the heat way up.

It's not about staring your partner down (or in most scenarios, being stared down at).

As kids we're often fascinated by our tongues and our ability to contort them into all sorts of shapes and configurations.

As adults we may forget all the different ways our tongue can feel depending on the shapes we make.

If you've already acquainted yourself with the basics of how to perform fellatio and are looking for some advanced tips you may find new ideas below.

Remember that great fellatio isn't about sticking to one technique, it's about having a spirit of adventure and desire, and an ability to listen to what your partner is telling you, verbally and non-verbally.Making noises when performing fellatio can be a turn on in at least two ways.First, it lets your partner know you're enjoying yourself and they may be able to relax even more into the experience knowing you're right there with them and not just doing something out of obligation.Instead, make eye contact now and then and use the contact both as an opportunity to let your partner show you how much they like what's happening but also to say something with your eyes.Keep in mind that desire on a face is obvious, so if you aren't into what you’re doing, they'll know.When you press deep in the middle of the area you are stimulating the prostate gland externally which is something else some men find pleasurable (although others may find this painful, or painful at first).