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The objectification and sexualisation of women is something widely discussed in the feminist world.

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An article written by feminist activist, Clementine Ford, said “[rape is] part of [the rapist’s] character…[they] believe they are entitled to use women’s bodies against their will, to dominate and hurt women for their own gratification.”What is unfortunate are these claims are unsubstantiated and overlooks the fact that often, female abusers create rapists.In many ways, these stereotypes assume that men are able to protect themselves and they will not turn down an opportunity for intercourse.Researchers have suggested that being a male victim can cause problems in how the police, justice system and society respond to their assault.To write these things and publish them, with no basis in science, only adds to the leagues of misinformation on rape, men and women. In most cases, there was up to a 53 per cent cross over between male and female structures in the brain.

More simply, men and women shared the same characteristics.In many ways, society has said that men’s issues are not as important as women’s issues and basically thrown them aside.- Otopalatodigital syndrome type I (OPD1, 311300) is an allelic disorder - Otopalatodigital syndrome type II (OPD2, 304120) is an allelic disorder - Frontometaphyseal dysplasia (FMD, 305620) is an allelic disorder - Periventricular heterotopia (300049) is an allelic disorder Melnick-Needles syndrome is 1 of 4 otopalatodigital syndromes caused by mutations in the FLNA gene.The Invisible Boy, a Canadian report on male victimization, displays some very troubling facts about female abusers and male victims.Sexual abuse by females on “rapists, sex offenders and sexually aggressive men” is high in occurrences.However, depending on the study, between 59 to 80 per cent of male sex offenders were abused by a woman.