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Walled cities, walled compounds, are everywhere in developing countries and historically a response to insecurity.Think of the lovely walled cities of Europe; Italy, Portugal, Spain and China.Here a few specific security suggestions: .” We concur with this advice 110%.

Some news accounts tried to portray this murder as the possible work of a New People’s Army “sparrow” assassination unit. The NPA does not generally stab and rob ordinary American retirees in their home at night in the city. A taste for young boys has gotten many foreigners into trouble.

Chasing young women can also expose you to all sorts of dangers; from her jealous or conniving boyfriend or from her family.

There are quite a few, considering how few foreigners there are in the Philippines.

Here are a few observations which might be of help to anticipate problems. They are let in, either knowingly by the foreigner or by one of the other parties mentioned, or they take advantage of security vulnerabilities they have observed or learned of.

This only applies to subdivisions with real security including roving patrols at night.

It’s no accident that Filipinos move to such subdivisions if they can afford it.

The foreigner is killed because he resists or because the robber is known to him and he does not want to be caught.

Sometimes the accomplice maid or girlfriend is “tied-up” and reports the crime to neighbors or police when she gets free.

I have literally walked more than a thousand of miles on the streets of Iloilo City and lonely rural paths in the country. No one has robbed me or threatened me or tried to pick my pocket or done anything but treat me with respect and kindness.

(See this article in the New York Times about the psychology of “lock” and “no lock” advocates.) For small-town Americans, the Philippines can be quite different.

Many foreigners have been killed in their bucolic rural homes.