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After graduation, when we bumped into her recently and she still remembered us, either she is a good patient focused doctor or our fights in her office was impressive.

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She is not the reason we are no longer together, but both my ex and I agree we wasted that time with Nikki and we should have seen a proper counsellor with proper training and unviersity qualifications. She was doing marriage counseling to us so not quite sure about sex.

She uses cognitive approaches if you are interested but, will never force it on you.

And as for my parents, my mother is really sick and I did not want my old father to have any more burdens.

Also, we did not want our friends to be burdened and be in an awkward situation as quite frankly, we really cherish our friends here and do not want to loose them.

I heard bad things about Richard Gee from Resource (that he is not pro-marriage). Who ever you choose you both need to be comfortable with...

Do not be afraid to "shop" around and do nit underestimate how much work and effort therapy will usually much more work than an hour chatting once or twice a week chatting is a therapists office. My now ex wife and I spent 9 mths with her and we found we hit a wall with her and she was out of her depth. ( pls google her and she is really busy, maybe 1 months ahead appointment will be the time span) We graduated from her 10 mos ago and cannot be better.If the thread was about "is counseling worth it or not",would have respected your opinion.BTW, I'm not talking about naked girls, it's the job and the status as well.And, we did not want to tell our parents, especially my husband.He is trying to create a different kind of family and couple hood from what he saw and got from his parents as he cannot agree with it.On the other hand, I felt that the counseling sessions at St.