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Friendly relations were established with the Hebrews, and King Solomon sent to King Hiram of Tyre not only for materials but also for skilled workmen to build the temple.

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As Matthew Bevis has shown, Byron’s verse returns again and again to mine the speeches of the late eighteenth-century’s most celebrated orators, Edmund Burke and Richard Brinsley Sheridan in particular.

Yet, such a return to the oratorical past, which can only be achieved through a manifestly textual archive, is always fraught with difficulty.

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Seti I (1290-79 BC) of the New Kingdom reconquered most of Phoenicia, but Ramses III (1187-56 BC) lost it to invaders from Asia Minor and Europe.

The roster of Phoenician cities changed during the near millennium-long period beginning in 1200 B.In addition it serves to separate trivia from articles of low but significant importance.More than 2,500 years ago Phoenician mariners sailed to Mediterranean and southwestern European ports.They sailed to the British Isles for tin and may have ventured around southern Africa.They founded many colonies, the greatest being Carthage.They became the most skillful shipbuilders and navigators of their time.