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Communist domination was brought to a swift, but (for many people) illusory end in 1989 with the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Temperate on the coast; mild autumns, cool winters, mild springs and warm and breezy summers.

Mostly mountains with lowlands in north and southeast; highest point : Musala 2,925 m Bulgaria's territory was inhabited by the Thracians (famed for their gold-making, fierce warriors, and the gladiator Spartacus) for thousands of years before being conquered by the Roman Empire and later the Byzantine (East Roman) Empire.

However, getting acquainted with the alphabet isn't very difficult and may save you a lot of trouble, especially as many common words are homophones of English or French words.

Also, as Bulgarian education emphasizes foreign language studies, especially English language, it wouldn't be a problem to talk and find information in English in bigger cities.

Bulgaria regained its independence in 1878 largely due to the intervention of the Russian Empire, who clipped the wings of the declining Ottoman Empire in Bulgaria and elsewhere.

It installed a minor German prince (the nephew of the Russian tsar) as a ruler of the newly independent country.Corruption, a weak judicial system and the presence of organized crime remain significant long-term challenges for the country's development and economic prospects.The Bulgarian language is related to Serbian, Russian and other Slavic languages, but contains many international words.Bulgaria is one of the few exotic nations of Europe, due to the fact that it boasts sublime beaches, lovely churches, winter sport opportunities and great hiking, to name a few.Although it has traditionally not been regularly visited by Westerners compared to other European nations, this is beginning to change.It's best to turn to the young population for a direction or advice in English. Methodius (826-884), who created the Cyrillic alphabet.