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Read More is a online dating site that you can looking for equestrian dating & friendship?Equine Online Dating is a great way of finding single horse lovers and equestrian friends worldwide.I am a kind harted fellow with a lot to give but i am picky as to who that special horse is. I am very much Jekyll and Hyde, so you will get two girlfriends in one!

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i turned my horse out yesterday and all the other horses were in pairs, it made me feel a little sorry for my horse as he hasn't found that special friend.

Luckily I am no longer ridden so potential boyfriend must not leave the field at any time, even if I tell you to get away from me, I want you to go less then 15 meters as I am a fragile sort.

Showing my softer side I own these photos FYI Gelding 1 would probably be struck off any dating sites for sexual harassment.

I enjoy traveling and am excited to visit new places but i am apprehensive of change and new horse...

saying that i'm very chatty and enjoy a good old chinwag.I am very much into personal hygiene and enjoy long soaks, getting my hair done in dreds and having a good sprits with citronella.I also enjoy mud bathes and rolling as much as i possibly can.Wouldn't it be just lovely to spend time with someone who will go riding with you?We understand your enthusiasm, and that is why you should open your profile at our dating site and spend time with our members.Do you have a passion for equestrian or country sports and are you looking for a partner or new friends that understand your point of view?