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And yours will be, too, if you go face-to-face with the people you've offended.

Don't tempt fate by trying to do it via "reply all." Depending on the brand of email you initially sent -- for example, criticizing the company or its management -- you could be facing discipline or dismissal.

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And that's when you Again, this is all about pacing yourself and not panicking.

If you immediately send out a gushing apology email to the same big group, all you're doing is emphasizing a blunder that a good portion of them may not have considered a big deal.

Here's your action plan: You can't "unsend" an email.

"That's a farce," says David Gitkos, vice president of forensic services for Global Digital Forensics.

Email blunders occur so often that there are whole message boards devoted to them.

"This happens more than we want to think about because it's so easy to do," says Alison Doyle, a job search expert for and author of Internet Your Way to a New Job.But you have nothing to lose and if you show that you're an adult about how you're handling a juvenile act, you just may be heard.Of course, crisis management wouldn't be necessary had there been no crisis.If the negative responses come in and it's clear you need to do more -- and boy, will you know!-- then you can Dave's on-air apology to viewers after his extramarital indiscretion was a model combination of self-deprecation and class.Mapquest lists him as a detour on the road to success." Well said.